Team 980 Magic Hat Bracket Challenge

Source: Creative Services / iOne Digital

Let’s raise a beer to Magic Hat! The Team 980 and Magic Hat Brewing Company have joined forces, in search of the champion brew from Magic Hat!

Let’s raise a beer to Magic Hat! Wanna go to the tournament at Capital One Arena in style? How about watching from a suite?!?! Vote right now in the Magic Hat Beer Bracket.

All you have to do is pick your favorite Magic Hat Brewing Company beers and you could end up winning a pair of tickets in The Team 980 Suite at Capital One Arena for the tournament’s East Regional. Sounds pretty SWEET! Maybe you dig the Laughing Stock IPA or the Art House Blonde Ale or The Guitar Face Lager.

Just vote for your favorites from Magic Hat Brewing Company now and you might end up being a big-time winner!


Contesting Rules