ESPN’s 10-part documentary miniseries, ‘The Last Dance’, continued on Sunday when it aired episodes three and four. Episode three showcased how Dennis Rodman’s attitude and energy helped the team win on the court but caused unnecessary drama off the court, while episode four examined Phil Jackson’s unique philosophy and shine some more light into the Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas’ feud.

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ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, who covered Michael Jordan during his playing days with the Bulls and who is heavily featured in the documentary, joined the Team 980/95.9 FM’s Doc and Galdi Show discussing Dennis Rodman’s in-season vacation to Vegas, the Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas feud and more on the bizarre power struggle between Jerry Reinsdorf, Jerry Krause and Phil Jackson.

Doc Walker: This Rodman deal with Mike, I guess the issue, did Mike go to Vegas or did Mike go to one of the two locations in Chicago for Dennis?

Mike Wilbon: He did not go to Vegas. He went to Dennis’ place in suburban Chicago up near the practice facility to find him, to retrieve him. I’ve known that story a little while from Michael. And when you hear it, whether your heard it on television last night or you already knew, it wasn’t out there for public consumption. People sort of knew it a little bit if you were around the team or if you were around him. And you’re incredulous! At least I was. And most people seem have the same reaction that I had. Can you imagine that happening today? Can you imagine someone as identifiable as Dennis Rodman being on a commercial flight on his way to Vegas? It’s unbelievable that he could go to Phil and just say, ” have to blow off some steam. I need some time off.” It’s so crazy and Jordan’s reaction mirrors what all of us were saying, “What! We’re in the middle of a season.” That team didn’t have issues like playing time, and who’s team was it, who got the most shots. They had big stuff like ‘Is your starting forward going to Vegas with his girl for about three days?!’

Al Galdi: One of the things that was so telling on Sunday night was how Michael Jordan still cant Isiah Thomas. It was hysterical to see that. Is that about the not shaking of the hands after the ’91 Eastern Conference Finals or is that more about ’85 All-Star game freeze out? 

Mike Wilbon: I don’t think the ’85 freeze out has front row impact. I think it’s the way the Pistons and the Bulls were after each other and the way the Pistons really went after the Bulls. For those who didn’t see it can see it now. The freeze out yes. It was all of it. 

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