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It’s officially draft day and all your favorite hosts write in who they think the Washington Washington Football Team should select with the second overall pick.

Spoiler alert, it was unanimous for Ohio State’s Chase Young.

Kevin Sheehan – Chase Young

No real analysis needed this year.

The Washington Football Team should take Chase Young because he will be the best defensive talent they’ve had on their roster since Sean Taylor. Young is a dominant pass rusher who will keep opposing offensive coordinators awake at night before playing the Skins. He’s a freak athletically off the edge but is versatile enough line up almost anywhere along the line of scrimmage.

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As Nick Bosa did last year in San Francisco, Young will elevate the play of those around him. With opponent attention on him, guys like Jon Allen, Daron Payne, Matt Ioannidis, and Montez Sweat will thrive. The addition of Young means a vastly improved Skins’ defense next year and beyond.

Rick “Doc” Walker – Chase Young

Chase Young is the best selection for Washington because it builds on a strength. Every phase of the defense will perform better, from the front four to the linebackers and the secondary.  Young is a high impact player that will help everybody on that line be the best they’ve been, just like what Nick Bosa did for the 49ers last season.

Al Galdi – Chase Young

Chase Young – He has been talked about in ways that few edge-rushing prospects have ever been. Does this guarantee anything? No. But it’s impossible to ignore. Combine that with the consensus opinion that he has a great work ethic and attitude, and there’s just not anything of substance not to like about him.

And think about this: the Washington Football Team, even with all of their defensive problems in 2019, were one of the better pass-rushing teams in the NFL, ranking in the top 10 in the NFL in sacks, sack percentage, and pressure percentage. What was already a strength can become an elite force with Chase and better coaching/scheming from Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio.

The comp that has been made a lot for what could happen with the Skins’ defense with Chase is the impact that Nick Bosa as a rookie had on the 2019 San Francisco 49ers. Bosa in 2019 had a relatively modest nine sacks, but his impact went so much beyond that. The 49ers went from ranking No. 23 in the NFL in total defense per Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric in 2018 to No. 2 in 2019. The Niners went from ranking No. 21 in the NFL in sack percentage in 2018 to No. 3 in 2019.

The Niners went from ranking No. 21 in the NFL in opponents’ third-down efficiency in 2018 to No. 2 in 2019. And Bosa quantifiably made his teammates better. 49ers edge rusher Arik Armstead went from having nine sacks in 46 career regular-season games over his first four seasons to having 10 sacks over 16 regular-season games in 2019. Bosa was a rising tide that lifted everyone around him. Chase can be that for the Skins.

Brian Mitchell – Chase Young

With the second pick in the NFL draft, I believe the Washington Football Team should draft Chase Young.

He could be that impact player that comes in and solidifies this defense. They already have guys like Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, and Montez Sweat. You add Young while still having the services of Ryan Kerrigan, you could have one of the best defensive lines in this league.

Now if you can get a king’s ransom for the pick, you might have to make that move but if not, the Washington Football Team will end up with a generational player. I believe they will draft Chase Young with the second pick.

Scott Linn – Chase Young

If they keep the pick, the answer is clear.  It’s Chase Young.

Size, and perhaps more size coming, technique, the love of the scouts and experts…Between Young, and improving Sweat and a benefitting Kerrigan, PLUS Payne, Allen, Ioannidis?  That line is stacked and it can only help the LB corps while also helping the DBs. He’s a chain reaction selection, Young is, and he’s the right call.

Steve Czaban – Chase Young

I have no problem taking Chase Young at number two.

We have set ourselves up to have no another choice, given the commitment to Haskins from the owner, and the desire by Ron Rivera to bring in his young backup stalking horse in Kyle Allen. The die has been cast. We have no ability to credible “pump fake” another team into thinking we’ll take Tua.

That said…. the possibility exists that Tua turns out healthy, and a spectacular franchise QB. I will live with that because I have to. This is where the owner has maneuvered us.

Not that Chase Young isn’t a great prize. If he turns out as projected, he will be the most dominant edge pass rusher we have had in a generation – and please, don’t sell me Ryan Kerrigan. Nice player. Productive. Not on Young’s destructive level.

The d-line will be the best it’s ever been on paper and should give the secondary the chance to play plenty of vanilla zone and not rely on lockdown man coverage.

I doubt any team offers up a king’s ransom for the number two pick even IF they don’t want a QB, so I think there’s no sense in trading down. Take the best guy. Don’t overthink it, and if the scouts are right, we’ve got a great player for the next 10 years.

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