Rob Parker: “Steph was the cute little story in Golden State – ‘oh my God, look at this guy making circus shots!’… But then they choked down a championship unlike any team in NBA history to LeBron James. Then they got down on their hands and knees and BEGGED Kevin Durant toy. come there. Even though Steph Curry was supposed to be this ‘game-changer’, KD took Steph’s team like it was his lunch money. Steph didn’t ‘step back’ or ‘allow’ Kevin Durant to take a lead role, Durant is just better and naturally, the better player takes the role of the lead dog and Durant delivered; winning not one, but two championships and two Finals MVPs… They have coddled Steph Curry in the Bay Area even though he misses the big shots in the final two minutes. They paint him in this glowing picture that he’s ‘that guy’ when deep down they know he’s not. Steph wouldn’t have the other two championships without Kevin Durant.” (Full Video Above)

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Listen to Rob Parker explain why he believes Kevin Durant saved the career of Steph Curry when Durant took his talents to Golden State in the summer of 2016 in one of the most shocking moves in sports history.

Check out the video above as Parker details why he doesn’t believe Steph would have ever won another championship without Durant, and why he thinks Warriors fans and media alike knew this bitter truth but would rather coddle the popular point guard than demean him.

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