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Ron Rivera joined WFNZ last week and addressed the quarterback competition in Washington following the Kyle Allen acquisition.

WFNZ: Is Dwayne Haskins your starting quarterback? Is that what you’re going into camp believing or are these guys going to compete?

Rivera: “We’re going into camp believing [Haskins is the starting quarterback], but they’re going to be competing. At the end of the day, nobody knows what’s going to happen, so we just have to get ourselves ready. Really like what we have in terms of our young quarterbacks. Kyle is also a young guy, has a long arm, understands the game, understands how we do things, so I’m excited about what the potential could be.”

Following Rivera’s comments, FOX Sports NFL analyst Bucky Brooks tweeted out that he would not be surprised if Kyle Allen is the Week 1 starter for the Redskins.

On Monday, Brooks joined Team 980/95.9FM’s The Doc and Galdi Show and deemed that Kyle Allen’s familiarity with the coaching staff and connection with Scott Turner as a key reason he could end up as the starting quarterback in Washington.

“Scott Turner found him as undrafted free-agent, nursing him from practice player to back up quarterback to short-term starter,” said Brooks. “They had the chance to get whomever they wanted to challenge Dwayne Haskins. They bypass Cam Newton and they get Kyle Allen. When Scott Turner was elevated to offensive coordinator the last 4-5 games of the season in Carolina, Kyle Allen threw the ball 40-plus times. That speaks to the level of trust he had in him.”

Brooks also suggests that Allen’s knowledge of the offensive system gives him a leg-up on Dwayne Haskins.

“He not only knows that system, he’s played in that system and they’ve seen him have success. I don’t think you can underscore that part of it. Kyle Allen won his first five starts under this staff. They’ve seen him grow. They’ve trusted him enough to give him the keys to the offense before and he’s shown them that he can win games. They know, that with him, they can win games; the unknown is with Dwayne Haskins.”

Brooks states that Haskins is “going to have to knock Kyle Allen out” in training camp with his play because if it comes down to a coach’s decision on who’s going to be the starting quarterback, “he may lose a decision.”

“In these situations, where scheme, familiarity, trust, and all that stuff matters, Kyle Allen has a chance to be the Washington Redskins starting quarterback,” said Brooks.


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