Super Bowl Champion Joe Theismann joined The Team 980/95.9FM’s The Brian Mitchell Show w/ Scott Linn Friday to share his thoughts on how all of this Trent Williams news is unraveling.

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“Trent is finding out what his value is. The Washington Football Team aren’t holding him up,” Theismann states. “The Washington Football Team have been very good to Trent Williams, very good. He’s averaged 12 games the last 4-5 years. So you want to be paid for 16 games, but you’re only showing up for 12.”

The former NFL MVP certainly thinks that Williams should take the money that he’s been offered because he does not foresee a better deal coming his way.

“If they’re offering me $12-13 million, take the money. Take the money,” Theismann implored. “Sign a three-year deal for $13 million a year. That’s $40 million and have them guarantee at least half of it for you.”

The Washington Football Team have been consistent in asking for a second or third round pick in exchange for the seven-time Pro Bowler. However, Williams’ costly contract demands and the fact that he hasn’t played an entire 16 game schedule since 2013 has contributed to teams reluctancy to trade for him. Even though Washington has struggled to find a trading destination for the star left tackle, Theismann believes he’ll be gone by the start of next season.

“He will not be a Washington Redskin,” Theismann exclaimed. “He can’t be. It would be bad for the locker room. For him to come back doesn’t make any sense to me, not if you’re a new head coach looking for a new start with a clean locker room.”


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