Salary Cap Analyst & NFL Insider J.I. Halsell, Managing Partner at SWAY Talent joins The Kevin Sheehan Show to give us his take on how Trent Williams’ agent has handled negotiations with the Washington Football Team so far.

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Vincent Taylor, the agent of Trent said that “the contract has never been the hold-up” in terms of the Washington Football Team trading Trent and that it was “totally false” that Trent was looking for even $20 million per year, saying “it’s never been about the contract” and that “Trent has never made demands on a contract.” If that’s the case, then why not play for the Washington Football Team? Plus, how has his agent handled this so far?

Plus, has the fanbase now turned on Trent after possibly being misled in his reasoning for holding out last year, and how much does the way he’s handled this matter to other teams?

Then a few thoughts on Alex Smith and what the Washington Football Team options are when it comes to his contract.

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