It’s been two days since Trent Williams’ agent, Vincent Taylor, released a public statement demanding the Washington Football Team to trade or release his client, Trent Williams.

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Rhiannon Walker of The Athletic joined Thursday’s The Brian Mitchell Show w/ Scott Linn to address some of the fallout from Taylor’s public statement and what’s really hindering this deal from getting done.

“Why hasn’t this trade been done,” Walker asks. “Washington wants fair compensation.”

In his statement, Taylor says that the Washington Football Team have shown no interest in negotiating in good faith” when it comes to dealing Trent. Walker uses Quinton Dunbar’s trade as example supporting how willing Washington has been to part ways with players who don’t want to be here, given the right asking price. She emphasizes the seven-time Pro Bowler’s costly contract demands being one of the obstacles preventing a trade from happening.

“Ron Rivera and his staff are trying to figure out a way to get something of equal value, but really the big issue is that Trent Williams wants to be paid like one of the top left tackles in the game.”

Washington has been consistent in asking for a second or third round pick for Trent Williams, which Walker alludes to; however, the fact that he hasn’t played an entire 16 game schedule since 2013 has also contributed to teams reluctancy to trade for him.

“The teams are going to have to give up picks somewhere along the line for Washington’s sake and then to come back and pay him,” Walker adds as another challenge in getting a deal done.

 December story on that “If they’re not all in, if they’re not willing to do it your way, it’s time to f—– get rid of those guys,” so we’ll have to wait and see how this Trent situation unfolds for the burgundy and gold.




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