Al Galdi rips to pieces the statement from Trent Williams’ agent ripping the Redskins…

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Yesterday, Trent Williams’ agent, Vincent Taylor put out a lengthy statement to various media outlets ripping the Redskins.

Galdi has a few takeaways after reading this statement…

Trent’s holdout in 2019, when you consider the lost salary and fines, is estimated to have cost him about $13 million.

This statement reeked of desperation. It came out in Week 2 of 2020 NFL Free Agency. Up until that point, so many high-profile NFL players had been traded: receiver DeAndre Hopkins from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals; receiver Stefon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings to the Buffalo Bills; edge rusher Calais Campbell from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Baltimore Ravens; interior defensive lineman DeForest Buckner from the San Francisco 49ers to the Indianapolis Colts; corner Darius Slay from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles; quarterback Nick Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Chicago Bears. Some of these instances – those involving Campbell and Slay – involved the player working out a contract extension with his new team. And yet we had heard nothing so far during 2020 NFL Free Agency – nothing! – regarding any momentum building toward a Redskins trade of Trent, as the belief continued to be that the Skins’ asking price for compensation and/or Trent’s asking price for a new contract were/was too high. Trent and his agent were getting humbled.

It was becoming very clear that Trent wasn’t nearly as desirable as he thought he was, and making the desperation even worse was that the Redskins had leverage in that.

This statement was absurd in some of what it said, Taylor even suggesting that the Redskins should release Trent was ridiculous. There was no way that the Skins were just going to let him go for nothing. Taylor saying that the Redskins had “shown no interest in negotiating in good faith” by having “given inconsistent demands on what it wants in return for a trade” was ridiculous.

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The Redskins can ask for whatever they want from whoever they want. What if the Redskins don’t want to trade Trent to an NFC team and thus are asking for more for Trent from an NFC team than from an AFC team? They have every right to do something like that. Same thing regarding what Taylor said at the end of the statement: “It’s time for the organization to act in a manner that is both in Williams’ and the team’s best interest.” The Skins getting as much as they can for Trent is them acting in their best interest.

Taylor saying that “throughout the process, Williams has maintained his silence and not spoken negatively about the team” was ridiculous.

The statement very clearly told us that Trent had gone from having a problem with Bruce Allen and Larry Hess to having a problem with Ron Rivera – Taylor made it a point to say that “Trent Williams will always love and respect Dan Snyder.” Remember, Trent in breaking his silence on Halloween 2019 made it clear that he had no problem with Dan. The statement made no mention of Ron. And very interesting was something that ESPN Redskins insider John Keim had on March 24, 2020, in his article on all of this: “Redskins coach Ron Rivera spoke with Williams over the phone earlier this offseason and the two met in person one time for five minutes.” Five minutes. That was it.

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