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ESPN Panthers reporter David Newton joined Brian Mitchell and Scott Linn to discuss the Carolina Panthers granting QB Cam Newton permission to seek a trade. Newton talked about the relationship between Cam and the Panthers and how we got here. The most interesting thing David Newton said was about whether or not the Redskins could be interested in trading for Cam. Check out the full interview above.

Could the Redskins be interested in trading for Cam Newton? (11:28)

“You know, I kind of threw [the idea that the Redskins might be interested in trading for Cam Newton] around at Ron Rivera at the Combine, and he didn’t answer the question. It was a little bit of a loaded question anyway and I don’t blame him for that for a lot of reasons. But Ron believes in Cam Newton. I mean, when I asked him about Cam his words were ‘you never bet against Cam Newton’ so Ron believes in him. Ron was a big reason the Panthers drafted Cam Newton number 1 back in 2011 and was a big reason the Panthers stuck with Cam through everything that’s happened over the years since then. So yeah, if the Redskins could throw out a 3rd or a 4th round pick or maybe a couple of 3rd round picks in some kind of deal, I think they might be able to get Cam for that and it would probably be a good move for the Redskins to have Dwayne Haskins learn under Cam Newton because I’m not sure Dwayne Haskins is ready to step in and win right away and I know Cam Newton is ready to step in and win right away if he’s healthy.”



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