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Maryland basketball analyst Chris Knoche joined Friday’s The Doc and Galdi Show to discuss what the NCAA Tournament cancelation means for Maryland Terrapin basketball and the whole NCAA as a whole.

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“All of us die-hards were hoping that they would come up with some sort of solution where they would postpone it rather than cancel it and play it at a later date,” said Knoche.

NCAA President Mark Emmert and the Board of Governors announced Thursday that the NCAA would be canceling “March Madness” in accordance to the coronavirus outbreak, as well as all remaining winter and spring championships.

Rick ‘Doc’ Walker emphasizes how “disappointing” it must be for teams like Dayton, that have built a legit contender after a long stretch, to have such an unlikely in to their season.

“What we’re left with is a series of hypotheticals,” Knoche expressed. “You think about the seniors all across the country who won’t get that chance again.”

Hofstra, who had not been in the Tournament since 2001,  is another team that managed to win their Conference Championship, but “will never get that reward,” Knoche points out.

When asked about Anthony Cowan’s legacy as a Terp, Knoche simply put it, “The number is going to hang from the rafters; there’s no question about it.”

“Just the sheer quantity you’re talking about. The 1,800, almost 1,900 points, the made free-throws, the assists, he’s there across the board. He won a boat-load of games in four years and guys don’t stick. Guys don’t stick around and guys don’t achieve like that for four years.”

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