University Of Maryland Terrapins 2019-20 Schedule

Another tough loss to swallow as the Terrapins fell to Rutgers 78-67 Tuesday night. Maryland suffers its third loss in four games. Don Markus, ex-Terps insider for the Baltimore Sun, joined The Brian Mitchell Show to shed light on what’s going on with the Terrapins.

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On what’s going on with the Terrapins…

I think we’ve seen this movie before and we’ve seen the ending before so unless they change the script, it appears they’re headed to another late season fade, which has been a problem over the last few years at Maryland.

On who else needs to step up for the Terrapins. Night in, night out, it’s been Anthony Cowan and Jalen Smith…

I think the fact that they’ve basically played most of the season, at least the entire Big Ten season, with only a seven and sometimes a six man rotation and sometimes only five guys getting the bulk of the time in the second half. I think it’s a combination of the physical wear and tear going through a Big Ten season as well as coming from behind in all of these games or having all these tight games where you thought they should blow out teams like Nebraska, like Northwestern.

What do you make of the slow starts?

It’s been a common thread throughout Mark’s tenure. You go back to the Melo teams that started slow. You go back to the 15-16 team that would play games against teams you thought, in the non-conference, that you thought they’d have no problem beating and they would keep teams in the game. I think it’s just something in the way they prepare, something in the way they react. Maybe it’s just a lack of urgency, lack of tenacity. They seem to play much harder when they’re behind.

Who can be that third guy, outside of Cowan and Smith, to contribute heavily for the Terps?

The guys going into the season that I thought was not even going to be the third guy, I thought he could he even emerge as the first or second guy depending on how well he played was Aaron Wiggins, and he has just not been able to have any kind of consistency. He’s improved his game in terms of his rebounding and defense, but not in terms of shooting the ball and his confidence, you can tell with a guy like Aaron where his confidence is.

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