Dolphins insider Safid Deen of the South Florida Sun Sentinel caused quite a stir in the Nation’s Capital this past weekend when he reported per a source that the Redskins wanted to bring Tua Tagovailoa in to compete with last year’s first round draft pick, Dwayne Haskins.

Deen joined Tuesday’s The Doc and Galdi Show on the Team 980/95.9FM to shed some light on how Tagovailoa’s meeting with the Redskins went.

“[The Redskins are unsure if Dwayne Haskins is their guy] is the overlying theme that Tua left the meeting with,” said Deen. “Whether the Redskins said that or not, I can’t tell you personally, but sources close to Tua said that was the resolving feeling.”

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Despite having reported on the Redskins wanting to bring Tua in, Deen admits that Washington is an unlikely destination for the left-handed signal caller.

“I really think it’s all a smokescreen,” Deen begins. “I think a lot of people know what the Redskins should do and are going to do and I think the Redskins are trying to dissect from that and say that they are going to keep their options open.”

The Dolphins insider gives us his take on what he thinks the Redskins are going to do with their number two pick and suggests what the Dolphins may do to get Tagovailoa.

“I think Washington holds on to this pick,” Deen states. “Chase young is one of the best players in this draft and I would be surprised if the Redskins pass up on him. I think Burrow goes first, Young goes second, the Dolphins make a trade with Detroit because there are some other teams that could use Tua.”



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