A photo finish by Joe Gibbs’ driver Denny Hamlin in the Daytona 500 was overshadowed by Ryan Newman’s horrific crash on the final lap. Newman’s injuries are said not to be life-threatening.

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Nonetheless, Hamlin won his third Daytona 500, becoming the first NASCAR driver to win the race in back-to-back seasons. With the win, Joe Gibbs Racing now has four Daytona 500s under its belt. Gibbs’ racers are off to a good start this year, this coming the year after where they won a record 19 races and the Cup Championship. 

The Washington Post’s Liz Clarke joined Tuesday’s Doc and Galdi Show on the Team 980/95.9 FM sharing just how profoundly regarded Gibbs is in the world of NASCAR.

“Deeply admired,” Clarke declared. “In some ways, I might say even more so than the NFL. Super respect for Joe in NASCAR.”

Gibbs’ career success stems from his uncanny ability to bring a group of people together and to perform at a high level. Clarke considers Gibbs an “emotional, intelligent genius” based on what he’s been able to do during his time in the NFL and now in NASCAR.

“His genius is in motivating people,” Clarke expresses. “It’s in assembling teams and picking people and pushing whatever button is required to get them to perform; and his total commitment, at the same time, and still this profound loyalty that people will run through a wall for him. And if you’re a mechanic or driver, they will go work for him and not leave.”

Earlier this year, Gibbs was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, where he credited all the people he’s come in contact with as a huge part of his success.



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