University Of Maryland Terrapins 2019-20 Schedule


Michigan State Basketball Coach Tom Izzo joins The Kevin Sheehan Show to discuss the tough Big Ten this season, his tough games against the Terps & Gary Williams and playing Maryland tomorrow night…


“Mark (Turgeon) has done a good job, he’s got a good team this year man, I mean (Jalen) Smith & (Anthony) Cowan are about as good as any player not in the league, but in the country at their positions.You know you look at the rest of that crew as really solid, they’re not old-old, but they’re all experienced and they got some size and athletic ability. They all shoot it well enough, even though at times they haven’t shot the ball great. They are shoot it well enough and they can defend. In our league Kevin, this is my 37th year from GA on up and there’s never been a league close to this as far as top to bottom, it’s unbelievable.”


“When you talk about playing a nightly basis, the couple things we’ve had going, You can go to Northwestern, you can go to Nebraska, and right now those are the two worst records, and those places are going to be packed. You know the crowds and you know you’re on the road and there’s definitely home court advantage, that’s one thing. Every year we keep adding coaches that seem to you know…Fred Hoiberg, hell he was in the NBA. Chris Collins has does a great job at Northwestern, he’s just awfully young right now you know. Then you got some schools that have had tradition, but then you look at Penn State, he’s (Pat Chambers) kind of built that thing, you know. Maryland has been a school that’s had tradition, so it was just different getting used to the Big Ten and the travel and all that.Yeah, I’ll tell ya what, as far as night in night out our league is bizarre, there’s been nothing like way the league is this year.”

Maryland faces Michigan State on the road Saturday, the first of two games between the teams over a two-week span, 6:00p tip right here on The Team 980 95.9 FM

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