Former NBA legends Alonzo Mourning and Julius “Dr. J” Erving joined Brian Mitchell and Scott Linn to talk about the death of Kobe Bryant and Kobe’s legacy.

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Alonzo Mourning on the death of Kobe Bryant:

“I’ve cried enough. I know I speak for [Dr. J] too, I carry a heavy heart, I really do carry a heavy heart. I have a lot of questions for God, but I haven’t lost my faith in Him. The world lost an icon, a father, a husband. And mind you, people pass every day. When you think about what Kobe Bryant did, not only what he did for sports, but what he did socially. You mention young people, how he motivated young people globally, and inspired people globally. His people around the world feel like they just lost a piece of themselves. It hit me hard man, it really hit me hard. I’ve been carrying it, and the only way we can really heal the situation is to do what Kobe would have wanted us to. Celebrate his life by giving and making a difference. The only thing we can do personally is uplift his family in prayer. That’s how we can honor Kobe.”

“The way we carry his legacy, Kobe was a difference maker. Not just with his play. Basketball is temporary, one day the ball will stop bouncing. He continued his legacy through youth sports and giving that way. His girls were his heart and soul, you could tell that. He was an amazing father. We have to continue to carry his legacy. You have guys who will continue to carry his legacy through basketball. We have to carry his legacy by continuing giving to young people and providing opportunities on so many different levels, not just in sports, but on so many different levels.”

“Every time I think about Kobe’s death, it hurts my heart. I’ve replayed it in my mind, I don’t even like watching the news anymore. The celebration of Kobe’s life is important, we have to celebrate Kobe and his life. But every time I hear about it, I think about that moment, how devastating that moment was being in that helicopter as it was going down… We try to do everything we can to protect our children, everything we can. But in that moment, being helpless and not being able to help, I just broke down. I can imagine how horrific that particular moment right there was.”

Julius Erving on the death of Kobe Bryant:

“Kobe, the icon that he was, that was the public’s icon. To [Kobe’s parents], he was just their son… the family angle is what has ripped at me all week long… There’s no specific timeline to you understanding man’s plan versus God’s plan. I’ve gone on record as saying that I know that Kobe and Vanessa and those girls sat around as a family and made plans, made big plans, because at age 40 that’s what you do… so when you’re suddenly denied that by the principle person who is leading that discussion, it’s hard. So it’s going to be so hard for [Vanessa Bryant]. We, the NBA Association, the friends near and far just have to be supportive and be patient. Those dreams that [Kobe’s family] want to have realized, if we can help with that, then so be it. That’s what we are going to do.”

Alonzo Mourning on playing for coach John Thompson Jr.:

“When I think of him, I think father, I don’t think coach at all because he taught me so much about life. He’s a big reason I’m sitting here talking to you today. He made a tremendous contribution to my life. He was a loving, disciplinarian and he was very resourceful. He shared all of what he could as a coach and as a person with me so that I could be. I saw how he impacted the lives of my teammates as well. I would not be without the investment he made. I thank him whole-heartedly any chance I get.”

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