Three-time Super Bowl Champion, Mark Schlereth joins B-Mitch and Scott Linn to preview Super Bowl LIV. Schlereth sheds light as to why John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have had success early on in San Francisco.

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“They were both on the same page, 100%, from day one, on what they wanted to build and how they wanted to build it,” Schlereth adamantly stated. “They’re all dialed in. They’ve done a great job in the draft. Their defensive line is unbelievable. Nick Bosa, what a pick he’s been for them. So they’ve done a really good job of just building a team that compliments offense to defense and special teams as well.”

He, then, analyzes both teams’ offense. He acknowledges that both are West Coast offenses, but utilize the system in two totally different ways from a player personnel stand point.

He deems that the Chiefs believe they are so dynamic as an offense that they can spread you out. They are confident in their blocking up front and capable of winning in under two seconds on the outside. And even if those two things don’t happen, the Chiefs have a ‘unicorn’ in Mahomes that can beat you as well, with his feet or buying time.

Juxtapose to a high-octane offense, the 49ers have an offense that Schlereth deems as ‘the illusion of complexity’. He says the 49ers will run one play six to seven times in 12 distinctly different personnel groupings, which the defense never realizes.

“For the defense, it looks like 12, 14, 16 different plays,” Schlereth adds. “For the offense it’s one play. For nine guys, it never changes and there are just two adjustors.”

The former Redskin and Bronco gives the edge to the 49ers in the Super Bowl because he thinks they’re a better overall team and also because he simply hates the Chiefs.

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