David Aldridge joins Doc and Galdi after a tough couple of weeks for The Athletic’s chief-in-editor.

“It’s been a crappy couple of weeks,” Aldridge briefly stated.

Aldridge has dealt with the passing of former NBA Commissioner, David Stern, Hall of Fame High School Basketball Coach, Morgan Wootten, and now NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi Bryant, along with the 7 other victims in the helicopter crash. 

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Aldridge had the opportunity to write stories, interview and even chill with Kobe Bryant during Kobe’s time in the NBA, and he writes a heartfelt piece that recounts who Kobe was as a player.

Aldridge also gives listeners insight into the Kobe and Michael Jordan relationship and just how close they were.

“In a statement, Michael called him his little brother and I think that’s probably what it was,” Aldridge told Doc and Galdi.

Everyone knew just how bad Kobe wanted to be like Mike, if not better, but outside of basketball, what was their relationship like.

“I think they talked a lot about how to grow a business, kind of being a visionary in that sense, how to continue to motivate people long after your playing days are over, kind of just making that transition,” Aldridge added. “Nobody. No civilian understands what that transition is like…And only a few people can give them good council about that and I’m sure Michael was one of those people that Kobe talked to about it.”

Aldridge also reveals that Kobe wanted to be traded to the Wizards in 2001 when Michael Jordan was running the Wizards and amidst the Kobe/Shaq feud. However, he tells us that the Wizards did not have any leverage.

“He wanted out. He did not want to be with Shaq anymore. And of course the problem was, their was no offer they [Wizards] could make.”



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