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Following the departure of former senior vice president of football operations Eric Schaffer, J.I. Halsell, former Redskins salary cap analyst, took to twitter to express his dismay.

Halsell, who worked alongside Schaffer in 2007 and 2008, joined the Doc and Galdi show earlier today to give his take on the most recent Redskins moves.

“Eric Schaffer was not part of the problem since he’s been there, since 2003.” Halsell told Doc and Galdi. “If anything, he’s been a great soldier. From a pure competence standpoint, he’s one of the best in the business.”

Halsell foresaw Schaffer on the path to become a possible team president after assuming general counsel responsibilities. However, he completely understands the organization’s decision to part ways with Schaffer, and wants fans to know he wasn’t fired for reasons similar to that of Bruce Allen.

“Ron is going to bring his people in there, who he trusts and who he believes are competent in their respective fields.” 

J.I. also deemed Doug Williams’ move to player development as a “perfect fit”. He knows what Doug has meant to this organization and acknowledges the importance of Doug’s presence in the building, whether it’s as a mentor or simply just being involved with the players.

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