NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay and Scott Jackson discuss the latest news buzzing around Redskins camp. Of course the two start off with the Trent Williams saga. Finlay confirms that teams, the Patriots among those teams, have certainly reached out to the Redskins about potential trades. The Redskins, however, have not ignored them, but are possibly waiting for Trent’s price tag to go up–ultimately, they want to maximize what they can possibly get in return for the 7-time Pro Bowler.  They also talk about how Trent’s absence has impacted the offensive line, and whether or not Donald Penn’s presence will/can help fill the void. In addition to the offensive line competition, Finlay addresses the quarterback issues. Is Colt McCoy still recovering from an injury that he sustained in December of 2018? Is that why he hasn’t played and practiced consistently? Does Haskins have a legitimate chance to start if he plays well in the next two preseason game? All that and more.

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