Chris Broussard: “You want to be either a playoff team or TERRIBLE to get a top pick, and if Ryan Fitzpatrick starts you know you’re just going to be mediocre. Starting Fitzpatrick makes no sense to me. You’re accomplishing nothing having him out there and it’s just a lost season.”

Rob Parker: “We all know what Fitzpatrick is, we’ve all seen him put up magical numbers and then turn into a pumpkin right on cue. For an organization to trot out Fitzpatrick again and try to sell that to fans, I mean REALLY?? You’re wasting snaps on him.”

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Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores recently announcing to the media that journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is ‘leading the way’ over recently acquired Josh Rosen in their competition to start Week 1.

Rob and Chris can’t quite comprehend why the Dolphins would just settle for the proven NFL plebeian Fitzpatrick when Rosen was a former first-round draft pick in Arizona in 2018, and a guy who could potentially be a reliable starter given the potential he possessed BEFORE his nightmare season on an immensely bad Cardinals team.

Check out the audio below as Broussard and Parker both agree this is a massive waste of time giving Fitzpatrick any snaps over the former prized rookie, Rosen.

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