Chris Broussard:“Houston Rockets fans, YOU ARE DONE. I didn’t think you were winning a championship anyway, but the only chance Russell Westbrook and James Harden had at playing together and it works as if they had something akin to a Golden State type offense. The type of offense where there was a lot of ball movement and player movement where Westbrook was cutting, flashing, and running along the baseline, and Harden was moving at times… Where the ball wasn’t sticking. So, you’re just going to ‘tweak’ it and still let Harden have the ball 47% of the time, dribble out the clock, and either take a shot or pass to someone as the shot clock winds down?? Westbrook is about the furthest thing from a spot-up three point shooter.”

Listen to Chris Broussard comment on Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni recently saying in an interview on Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast that he’s ‘not changing much’ and that he’ll just simply ‘tweak’ the Rockets offense after last week’s Russell Westbrook trade, even though the team just acquired one of the most ball-centric players in NBA history, Westbrook, to play with one of the most ball-centric players in NBA historyJames Harden.

Here’s D’Antoni on the Rockets offense:

“We’re not changing much… We’ll tweak it, but to say you can’t win that way is BS.”

Check out the audio below as Broussard says the Rockets season is officially over before it ever started if D’Antoni’s comments ring true, and explains why Westbrook and Harden would be a disaster in D’Antoni’s current system.

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