Chris Broussard: “There is no doubt in my mind that Mark Jackson has been blackballed. It’s not a formal league mandate but I know his relationship with the owner Joe Lacob wasn’t good. Lacob obviously talks with other owners and he’s probably bad-mouthed Mark and I think that has led to teams wanting to avoid him.”

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Listen to Chris Brossard and Matt Barnes (filling in for Rob Parker) discuss Andre Iguodala’s shockingly unexpected tell-all interview with The Breakfast Club on Tuesday that not only saw the Golden State Warriors fan favorite discussing intimately damning details of the Warriors medical staff, but one that also had him admit that he believes former Warriors coach Mark Jackson was blackballed from the league.

Jackson of course, was remembered for his time with a young Warriors team that was on the brink of excellence in the mid-2010’s before Jackson’s tenure was unexpectedly cut short for clandestine irreconcilable differences.

Chris agrees Jackson was indeed blackballed, considering he was arguably one of the biggest reasons the Warriors dynasty got started in the first place. Chris wants to know why Jackson isn’t the top candidate for every single job opening in the league and wonders why he hasn’t worked a team’s sidelines in five years.

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