Chris Broussard: “Did you hear Andre Iguodala on The Breakfast Club?? I had to double check he was still on the Warriors! Kudos to Iguodala for being honest. I guess the non-sports atmosphere just got him all out of sorts and he was just spilling all the beans. When you heard Iguodala say ‘They said it was a bone bruise, but it was really a fracture’, the first thing that comes to your mind is Kevin Durant. What Iguodala said was damning to that training staff.”

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Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss Andre Iguodala’s shocking tell-all interview on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday during a segment that literally saw Iggy throwing flames on the Golden State Warriors.

Not only did Iggy say he thinks former Warriors coach Mark Jackson was blackballed by the league, but he said he thought the Warriors medical staff lied about an injury he had during the 2018 Western Conference Finals versus the Houston Rockets.

Iggy told the popular radio show that the Warriors medical staff was releasing updates on Iguodala’s injury saying it was a bone bruise, when Iggy says the injury was really a full-blown fracture and had to fight with the team, the media, and his teammates about the severity of the injury the entire series.

Check out the audio above as Chris and Rob think this sounds eerily similar to the way the team handled Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury.

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