Redskins all-time great, Super Bowl 17 champion and 1983 NFL MVP Joe Theismann joins Al Galdi on The Morning Blitz to give his take on why the Skins should be open to sitting Dwayne Haskins for his entire rookie season, the likelihood of Alex Smith playing in the NFL again, the Trent Williams holdout, and much more…

OTA at Redskins Park

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Joe Theismman started out on Redskins rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins possibly sitting his rookie season – “If you give him a year…it would serve him well…I would be leaning for Dwayne not to start…I just don’t think he’d be ready…”

On how mobile Haskins is as quarterback – “When he runs to the left he’s quite accurate…he does have the ability to get outside the pocket…he has the ability to make plays with his legs…”

On Alex Smith’s health & progress – “I love the fact mentally he wants to play again…I hope he gets a chance to get back on the field to see where he’s at…”

Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins

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On the Trent Williams holdout – “I don’t know the relationship w/ the medical staff…I can tell you Ryan Kerrigan has 2 years left on a contract & shows up, Trent Williams has 2 years left on a contract & doesn’t show up…I don’t understand.”

More on Trent Williams – “I don’t think there’s a scenario that works in his favor if he doesn’t show up…economically it doesn’t make sense…”


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