Coming into last night’s game against the very different looking Cleveland Cavaliers, who of course have no Lebron, no Ty Lue, and most importantly no Jeff Green. He’s ours now….

But anyways yes this “new” Cavs team has started the season at the bottom of the east with the Wizards but thankfully the Wizards have come out of their slump, now winning 3 games in a row. But through this trying season, the Cavs haven’t given up. There aren’t any “one, two, three, Cancun!” chants ringing from their locker room so the Wizards couldn’t get too comfortable before this game.

Coach Brooks knows that the Cavs have been playing well and are coming off a win so their placement in the league doesn’t matter. The Wizards had to come out and play. They did not disappoint.

Everyone on the team had their hands on the ball and everyone contributed to this win. They totaled 30 assists and 9 of those, as usual, came from Wall, who didn’t shoot his best tonight but still made some major plays. Thirteen 3 pointers were made as a team and one of those was very, very special. Ian Mahinmi, one of the Wizard’s big men, made his first career 3! The assists, blocked shots and don’t get me started on the steals, were what they needed to produce this win. Again, everyone contributed. It was a true Team Win.

Oubre only scored 8 points last night. Kelly has been having some shoulder problems. He keeps his right shoulder taped up during the games and has it checked on after the games. He knows that his shooting has been off but says he’s still putting up shots and putting in work. One of his goals for this season is to get better every day, “you know every day is not gonna be how we expect it to be, so [I’ll] just keep fighting through adversity and just come out better when it’s all said and done.”

The songs Kelly had playing before the game was “Overdue” & “Don’t Come Out The House” by Metro Boomin. Both of the songs had a calm hype vibe which I believe describes Oubre. “Don’t Come Out The House ‘cause the gang outside” are the lyrics repeated and this describes how Kelly is now. He may not be top notch on offense but if you wanna try to cross him on defense he won’t back down. He’ll definitely take a charge. Also, 21 Savage is a featured artist and has parts of the song where he is whispering but the words that he’s saying aren’t necessarily lullabies. KO may look like a nice little boy on the outside, but he’s not afraid to go toe to toe and get that steal, charge, rebound or whatever else. He is not letting his points reflect his performance.

Fashion is another trait that coincides with Kelly. He’s always had a unique style, debuting it to the nation on draft night. And last night you may think an all black ‘fit is boring or regular but not for Kelly. Using different textures and adding pops of color always adds dimension. I mean his outfit was even coordinated with his water bottle and his Beats headphones case.

Be sure to keep an eye on what he wears next. Also get to know Kelly a little better as he plays a round of Cuff Cards, a staple game on “Angie Ange in the Morning” on 93.9 WKYS. It’s never too late to join the wave, oh wait the Tsunami or you know what, Shhh…

The Wizard’s next game is Friday at Capital One Arena at 7pm.

Written By BreAnna Holmes

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